Data Driven Journalism

Bulletproof Data Journalism

by Stijn Debrouwere

This course will teach you everything you need to know to make your data journalism bulletproof.

Make sure you know how to protect your work against all kind of errors that could arise from working with data.

In this course, you will learn more about:

  1. Coincidences and Freak Accidents
  2. Hidden Influences
  3. Cherry Picking
  4. Flaws in the Data
  5. Misinterpretations and Wishful Thinking

Course overview

  • Module 1: Coincidences and Freak Accidents (23:20)
  • Module 2: Hidden Influences (35:33)
  • Module 3: Cherry Picking (17:19)
  • Module 4: Flaws in the Data (22:56)
  • Module 5: Misinterpretations and Wishful Thinking (18:23)
  • Module : Course Recap (10:18)

Meet your instructor

Course instructor

Stijn Debrouwere

Freelance, Data Scientist (BE)


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