Mistakes We Made So You Don't Have To: Data Visualisation, Journalism and the Web

by Jonathon Berlin

In this course you'll learn how to understand audience, how to built relationships in the newsroom, how to think of ideas and create them, and you'll get an overview of approaches and things learned at the Chicago Tribune as they have tried to tell more stories using data and visuals on the web.

Course overview

Module 1: Timing and audience cycle

  • Breaking out of the print timetable
  • Finding sweetspots in terms of timing and audience cycle
  • Evolving with your audience

Module 2: Newsroom collaboration and process

  • Defining a web centric mission in your newsroom
  • Making new relationships in the newsroom and changing old ones
  • Shifting workflow

Module 3: Skills and technology

  • Matching work to staff
  • Pushing for tech, but using what you have

Module 4: Conceptionalisation and form

  • Letting the digital form thrive
  • Evolving your conceptionalisation
  • Thinking platform

Meet your instructor: Jonathon Berlin

Course instructor

Jonathon Berlin

Chicago Tribune, Data Visualization Editor (US)


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