Social Media

Social Media for Journalists: Twitter

by Sarah Ceelen, Miel Van Opstal

The ability to use social media to engage with and build an audience becomes more and more mainstream in professional environments, which makes it an essential digital skill for everyone. This course will help you get on that Social Media highway without getting run-over!

Journalists can be outsiders, independents and neutral observers but in either role the journalist needs to know how to act and behave responsibly on social media. This course shares tips and best twitter practices to become a twitter savvy professional.

Course overview

Module 1. Getting started!    

  • Why should you be on Twitter as a journalist or media professional? 
  • How to create a professional profile.

Module 2. How to find your ideal audience.

  • Finding your audience. 
  • Identifying influencers.  
  • Identifying superfans and super-promotors. 
  • Using twitter lists. 
  • Building your community.

Module 3. How to engage with your ideal audience and keep your integrity as a journalist. 

  • Twitter Chats & Hashtag conversations. 
  • How to keep the conversation relevant?
  • Reply to the right audience.
  • Defining your tone of voice. 
  • Maintaining your integrity as a journalist.

Module 4. Which content works best for you?

  • Listening tools to discover relevant content. 
  • What makes a good tweet? 
  • How to find and use the right hashtags.  
  • Fact checking with Twitter 
  • How to use context and add links. 
  • How to optimise your content for SEO.
  • Embedded tweets.
  • Image gallery.
  • Twittercards.
  • Rich media forms.
  • Twitter Ads

Module 5. Twitter strategy

  • Setting up a strategy.
  • Defining goals.
  • Measuring success.
  • Best time to tweet.
  • Track your engagement.

Module 6.  Saving Time and managing your Twitter

Meet your instructor: Sarah Ceelen

Course instructors

Sarah Ceelen

Infocom Consulting, Freelance Digital Marketeer (BE)


Miel Van Opstal

Wavelab, Marketeer (BE)


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