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About the platform

LEARNO.NET – convenient, accessible, and premium-quality online learning for anybody working on the public sphere. First and foremost, we address journalists and journalism students. But we also serve bloggers, advocacy groups, media entrepreneurs, and writers; in short, anyone with a public-interest mission and journalistic mindset.

LEARNO.NET is journalism training for the 21st century: Open for anybody willing to learn, accessible worldwide, complete with a support community of peers, and brought to you by the international A-list of instructors.

LEARNO.NET will offer an ever-increasing variety of courses – from basic introductions to advanced master classes. Some courses will come as our gift to you, others will be made freely available with the help of sponsors, while yet others will depend on the learners paying a modest fee.

LEARNO.NET is an initiative of the European Journalism Centre (EJC). The EJC is a non-profit international foundation with the mission to improve and strengthen journalism and the news media in the interest of a functioning democratic public sphere. In this spirit, the EJC has always focused very much on training and capacity building, and LEARNO.NET is the next logical step on that way.

The European Journalism Centre would like to thank the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Google, and the World Bank, for making LEARNO.NET possible.

Cooperation opportunities

Are you an organisation with a genuine interest in the public sphere? Get in touch with LEARNO.NET to reach journalists and multipliers with your issue.

Would you like to sponsor LEARNO.NET courses? Contact us to discuss the options for sponsoring, promotion, and sweepstakes.

Are you a world-class instructor or expert for a facet of journalism that you find lacking on LEARNO.NET? Let us know, and we might produce one of our next courses with you!