Verification: The Basics

Course introduction

by Craig Silverman, Claire Wardle

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I’m Craig Silverman, the Editor of the Verification Handbook, and one of the instructors for the course Verification: The Basics This is a two-module course, and I’ll be teaching the first module.

We’ll look at the verification fundamentals as well as the emerging practise of open verification and the best ways to verify information during crisis and disaster situations.

Module 2 is taught by Claire Wardle. She’s gonna focus on user-generated content. How do you verify it, how can you gain permissions to use it, and also how can you do so in a way that takes into account the privacy and security of the people who’ve uploaded and created it.

Overall this course provides a really strong grounding in the discipline of verification as well as an understanding of how to do so in an ethical and effective way in the networked age.

We hope to see you in the course.