Maarten Lambrechts


Maarten Lambrechts is a data journalist, data designer and visualization consultant. After graduating as a Master in Bio-engineering and spending some years working as an engineer and economist in Belgium and Latin America, he turned to journalism. He started experimenting with data journalism and data visualization at MO* magazine and was later hired as a data and multimedia journalist by Mediafin, the publisher of Belgian newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo.

Maarten is now a freelance data visualization designer, trainer and keynote speaker. His work is featured in some of the reference books in the field, was shortlisted in various visualization competitions and even won some awards.

Twitter: @maartenzam


Courses by Maarten Lambrechts

    • Charting Tools for the Newsroom

      Data Visualisation

      Charting Tools for the Newsroom

      by Maarten Lambrechts

      In this course we introduce and learn to use some tools every journalist can adopt to produce graphics that can support or carry a story.

    • Mapping for Journalists

      Data Visualisation

      Mapping for Journalists

      by Maarten Lambrechts

      The vast majority of stories published in the news have a geographical dimension: knowing and telling where something happened is part of good journalism.

    • Cleaning Data in Excel

      Data Driven Journalism

      Cleaning Data in Excel

      by Maarten Lambrechts

      In this course we'll introduce and demonstrate some useful Excel commands and formulas for cleaning up and transforming data. But you’ll also learn some strategies and tricks for managing your data cleaning processes.